Monday, November 9, 2015

Daily Log: November 9, 2015

Today I went to lunch with contestant #1 in the Great Quest for a New Faculty Member (from now on called simply Great Quest, or GQ).
He seemed like a very smart fellow, studying Rachmaninov and other Russian composers and their reception in historiography through time.  But the cool thing was I totally could keep up with him in a conversation.  He asked lots of questions about my thesis and it was awesome.

I didn't do much else today, research- or musicology-wise.

I did finish my project for 410 on Female DJs.  I won't have to present until Wednesday, though.  Which means I wasted a lot of stress and energy for nothing.  I'll probably share some of my thoughts on that project in a later post (or not...).

I'm also reading part of a new book that features Pauline.  The book is about earth and its relationship with art.  I'll tell you more once I get into it.

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